Our Story

Our History

The business is formed

Zenon Zielke starts the business as an independent importer to the UK for hardwood flooring.

Zenon buys an old furniture plant

The founder, Zenon Zielke, buys an old furniture plant in Northern Poland and begins comprehensive reorganisation of the land and factory buildings. The existing buildings are renovated and modernised and new machinery is purchased for the production of hardwood flooring. 

Floors becomes a Ltd Company

November 6th 2001 –"Floors Zenon Zielke" enterprise becomes a limited company "Floors Sp. z o.o." Zenon Zielke becomes the first president.

Establishing sales across Europe

The Company establishes sales markets in the UK and in Europe.


Land & Development

The company purchases more land, develops further new facilities and installs new technologically advanced innovative machinery. To include: boiler room fed with biomass for independent heat production, new steaming facilities, new drying kilns, specialist operations room constructed and improved plant infrastructure.


FSC® Certification

The company is granted the FSC Certificate.

Produce & supply heat

Capability to produce and supply heat to external users in the local town.

James joins the company

James Zielke, Zenon’s eldest son joins the company.

Further investment in machinery

Further investment in machinery.

A time of great sadness

January 1st 2008 - A time of great sadness; the company’s founder Zenon Zielke passes away.

Launch new product

Company launches engineered board production.

New management

The management of the Company is taken over by Zenon’s wife, Marysia Zielke.

Adam joins the company

Adam Zielke, Zenon’s youngest son joins the company.

Launch new product

the Company launches aged and oiled products onto the market.

Overseas expansion

Overseas expansion of sales to the USA.

James gets promoted

James Zielke becomes Vice President.

Exhibiting internationally

The Company exhibits its products internationally at the Hannover Domotex.

A new image

The Company makes further changes; a new logo and website.

Modernising the warehouse

Construction of modern warehousing facilities.

10th Anniversary

The company celebrates its 10th year Anniversary as a limited company.

Sales expansion

Expansion of sales into Scandinavia.

Development of headquarters

Development of the headquarters in Poland, new offices and showroom.

Modernising sawdust extraction

The Company invests in innovative solutions and modernises the system of sawdust extraction.

Machinery investment

Further investment in machinery.

Sophia joins the company

Sophia Zielke, Zenon’s daughter joins the company.

New technology

Implementation of new, UV oiling technology.

Launch of rebrand

‘Floors Sp. z o.o’ is renamed and rebranded as ‘Zenon’ in honour of the founder.

About Us

Our company, based in Northern Poland, was founded by Zenon Zielke in 2001.

A family business at heart, we have grown from a small manufacturing company to an international manufacturer and supplier, employing a local, highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

At Zenon, we regularly look for innovative ways to produce the best quality whilst maintaining the values of traditional craftsmen.

We have always invested in state-of-the-art machinery and expanded our product range without compromising on quality, attention to detail or production time.

The popularity of our excellent product range allows buyers from around the world the opportunity to buy flooring that will suit each individual taste.

The team strongly believes that our customers only deserve the best timber when it comes to a natural wood floor. There is no secret to the success behind our products; at ZENON we work as a team and each person’s role on the production line is as important as the next.

We take pride in securing and maintaining an excellent working relationship with all of our customers on a domestic and international scale. At ZENON, we are confident that wherever you choose to lay our flooring, it will always add an element of luxury to your space.


Forest Stewardship Council®

The FSC® promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. Being FSC certified shows that you comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. This certification ensures that the timber is sourced from forests that meet the specific requirements and standards as set out by the FSC. ZENON operates in accordance with generally accepted FSC rules, which confirm that the products with an international FSC label are made out of raw material from a certified forest.

Even if you don’t know what the FSC logo represents, you have probably seen the label on thousands of wood and wood based products in your everyday life. So who are the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and what do they actually do?

Founded in 1993, the FSC is an international organisation dedicated to encouraging responsible management of the world’s forests. Over the last twenty years the organisation has grown to certify over 155 million hectares of forests in over 80 countries. In this short time, the FSC tree Logo has become an international symbol of trust for businesses looking to source environmentally responsible lumber around the globe.

At ZENON we have been producing FSC certified products since 2005. To find out which products are available under the FSC label please contact our International office on +44 (0)1642 852222. ZENON FSC certified products are manufactured and distributed under licence number FSC®-C003325.

For more information on FSC, please visit


Principles, Pride & Passion

Honouring the tradition and passion passed down by our founder; a vision to manufacture European wood flooring of unsurpassable quality and to build loyal, long lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Employing an extremely skilled workforce and training them to the highest standards.

Involving our craftsmen, who possess time served experience, in our training programme which prepares our team for the future.

Investing in state of the art equipment which insures efficiency and precision and provides our customers with the finest product.  

Proud in the knowledge that we are continuously developing and maintaining the highest standards in our entire product range.

Committed to delivering customer satisfaction with our product and service.

Valuing every client’s feedback; to respond positively and make changes accordingly.

Trust and belief in our product; to drive the company forward and to create a lasting legacy for generations.

Quality & Sustainability

At ZENON we only use responsibly sourced lumber from managed European forests, and ensure that every part of the production process reflects our passion and values to produce the highest quality wood flooring. Each board undergoes a series of testing in accordance with our quality control measures, to make sure we always offer the markets our finest product.

We are proud to work alongside and hold certification for the FSC®. We are passionate about being green and are dedicated and committed to contributing and caring for the environment. Here at our own facility we put this into practice; we currently use all waste sawdust to make briquettes to heat not only our own factory but also the local school. We always strive to recycle as many products as possible, and dispose of any non-biodegradable waste through the recommended resources.

Our production process is a marriage between old and new; state of the art equipment guarantees our precision machining to be second to none and our highly skilled craftsmen possess the know-how and expertise to create our bespoke flooring.

Firstly the lumber is left to air dry, it is then kiln dried in our facilities in compliance with our tolerance of consistent moisture levels of between 8-10%. We calibrate the thickness of the lumber; the wood is then categorised and divided into grades by our trained team. For engineered production the wood is sent to be split into veneers and then bonded to plywood; for solid production it is sent to be machined. For both products any knots are then filled by hand by our specialists and then sanded, any imperfections are removed by our strict quality control.

When you order a product from ZENON you will only experience the highest standard of wood flooring.

ZENON FSC certified products are manufactured and distributed under licence number FSC®-C003325.